Valerian is the common name for the plant Valerian officinalis.Its traditional uses are as a nightly sleep aid and as a calming tea, and is a particularly popular option for sleep issues. There are many different valerian species, but for supplementation and medicinal purposes, valerian refers only to the officinalis species of the plant Valerian officinalis, as other species may have very different biological and chemical compositions. Valerian roots are the source of the extract.

Mechanism of action

Discover the Secret of a Sound Sleep

Our Advantages of Valerian Extract

  • Complies with the European and the United States Pharmacopoeia
  • Meets EC guidelines requirement for pesticide and solvents residue
  • The extract is free from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, aflatoxin, and valepotriates
  • Extract processed from valerian root sourced from Europe
  • Ability to eliminate the bad odor of the root in its extracts
  • Available in the form  soft extracts, powders, and granules


Valerian Dry Extract Up to 0.8% of total valerenic acids by HPCL
Valerian Soft Extract Up to 10% of total valerenic acids by HPCL

Benefit Categories

  • Managing sleeplessness
  • Supports healthy sleep