Caffeine is a natural alkaloid found in coffee, tea and cacao plants and consumed by approximately 80% of the world population. Caffeine stimulates brain and central nervous system and helps improve mental alertness and physical activity. Caffeine is also known to influence energy balance in the body and hence potential body weight regulator. Our source of natural caffeine is coffee bean.

Mechanism of action

Energise yourself with the power stored in Natural Caffeine

Our Natural Caffeine Advantages

  • It is obtained from coffee seeds by water extraction
  • It is 100 % natural, no excipients or carrier
  • Meets EC guidelines requirement for pesticide residue, 4PAH, solvent residue, Mycotoxins and heavy metals
  • Can also be used in cosmetic/pharmaceutical applications
  • Fully soluble in water


Natural Caffeine Up to 99.5% caffeine by HPLC

Benefit Categories

  • Helps in keeping a person alert and awake
  • Helps in improving stamina during exercise
  • Helps in improving memory
  • Helps in detoxicating the liver
  • Helps in limiting post-workout muscle pain